CH 03 Where can I got some eggs?

“Alright, you kinda remind me of my mom!” Jake uttered with difficulty, he swiftly avoided her eye contact but Julie was still able to caught a glimpse of his flushed red ears.

The declaration made her livid. Excuse me, how old is he ? She couldn’t possibly have a child this big, right?

“How old are you,kid? I can’t possibly have kid your age ,bah! Why are you living alone?”

Her gaze softened a little, thinking about a teenager her little brother’s age living alone without any support. The old society sure was tough !

Upon hearing her remark Jake jumped up in anger “I’m not a kid, I am 17 and already a full fledged adult”

She could tell my his attitude that if she called him kid one more time, he would stomp away.

“Alright, I will stop calling you kids. How about we introduce ourself properly this time?I am Julie, 29 years old and I cam from a far away place that has summer all year round” she introduced her self softly with a warm smile on her face.

Jake looked at her with curiosity in his eyes, summer all year round. She must had been a slave from the south as he thought.

“I am Jake,17 years old. And to answer your question, my parents went missing in the war 12 years ago so I am alone.”

“You need to be careful this hunter village is very small and people are prone to judge someone who has different looks”

Julie listen to his earnest warning with a delighted heart, seemingly he opened up to her more. After living for 29 years especially as an accountant who handled people’s money affair she became good at judging people’s character.

Jake was surely a kind person, he might seem hard and full of edges on the outside but like a miniature porcupine, he was soft and cuddly.

“Tomorrow, I will be going to town and sell the games we hunted today. After that I plan to get a job in town so I wont be back here again, you can live here if you want”

The boy said that as he got up from the chair and walked away to his room.

Julie was lost in thought, not because of the breaking news from Jake but where should she sleep tonight?. The old style house’s floor was made from mud and stone so the kitchen floor was off limit.

Julie looked trough all the doors in the house and heaved a sigh of relief when she found a storage room laid with wooden planks. Storage room it was, at least she had roof over her head.

She laid down, her brain had been working hard for the whole day when her head hit the floor she immediately fell into deep sleep.

She dreamt of a dark and cold place the path wall surrounded by iron bars , like walking along a corridor of a prison. the sound of water droplets dripping on the floor made the atmosphere even more eerie.

“Mama ” she heard the sound coming from up ahead. Her instinct screamed for her to run away but her feet kept moving forward like it was her calling.

When she arrived at the last prison cell she found nothing but an empty cell covered in dust and blood smeared on the wall but the whispering voice is still weeping, calling for it’s mama with a broken heart.

“Where are you?” Julie asked, her voice trembling. She felt unexplainable anxiousness and sadness in her heart.

“Mama” the voice kept calling.

Julie looked around anxiously the prison cell was covered in dried blood, scratched marks on the wall. At the first glance the marks looked random but after awhile she saw a sign, the deeper the wall went, the more condensed the marks were.

Julie had her hands in the bars, tried he best to look as further as possible inside.unfortunately the cells was old and the iron bar was weaken as time got the best of it. Before she knew it her leaning body fumbled the ground produced a loud bang.

Julie struggled to get up,dragging her pained body and followed along the wall.

She walked and walked for what felt like a short eternity until she found the source of that small voice.

There was a small pile of bone on the floor with a small child trying to feed something that looked like a lump of dirt to that bone,to her surprise the voice was not calling to her.

In the deserted corner of this damped prison cell,  the small body of this child was clad in worn and torn piece of cloth, his pale ivory skin coupled with his golden blond hair gave Julie and ethereal feeling. She suddenly had the urge to see if his eyes were the colour of sapphire like all those angel in the old paints or not.

One thing Julie could tell at this point in time was if this world is a fantasy novel this boy would most likely be one of the main characters, either the protagonist or the main antagonist, with all these cliché origin story.

‘ Well, I guess I am not the protagonist of this world’ Julie thought to herself sarcastically.

Although she knew this scene was not her destiny she couldn’t help but felt her heart ached for the child.

She crunched down beside the child, her big and strong hand patted on his soft golden hair lightly.

“Kid, if one day you can move on from this situation. Come look for Auntie Julie, I will raise you well”

The little kid tilted his head upward “Auntie Julie” he followed her word, his small voice and shy behavior plugged her heart string.

“Unn! Aunt Julie, I live in Rein Kingdom”

When Julie got a glimpse of his deep purple eyes she felt like something was being sucked out of her body, she was beside herself with fear and anxiousness but had no idea how to run away from it she decided to embrace the boy in her arms as Julie felt her body getting weaker and weaker and her consciousness was drifting away.

The next morning Julie woke up before sun rose.

She was busy in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Extreme hunger was the first thing she felt when she rose from her makeshift bed, perhaps the dream last night was the product if her exhausted mind and wild imagination.

She found some staled bread in additional from the beef jerky and beans from yesterday but de cider not to use the bread, she did not know any good recipe with bread she could cook with the ingredients she had on hands anyway.

After wiped her body clean with some wet cloths she began cooking.

She cut a small piece from the beef jerky she too the part with the most fat and render the fat out on the stove. Then she cooked some rice mixed with beans.

Today breakfast will be stirred fried rice with the meet from beef jerky.

When Jake walked out of his room his nose smelled something he had not experienced for the longest time,someone was cooking in the kitchen, someone was cooking for him.

The teenager halted his foot just outside of the kitchen in fear that the busy shadow in the kitchen would vanish and leave behind,just like his parents.

“Jake, you up?” Though his footsteps were quiet, Julie somehow felt his presence in the air.

Her sturdy body turned around with a bright smile hung on her face, her cheeks glowing red from the heat.

Jake was taken aback, the scene before him somehow felt so natural. Her big smile gave him a sense of security.

“Mmm” he answered nonchalantly despite the itching feeling in his chest.

“Jake,do you know where can I get some eggs?”

No fried rice dish could be completed without egg. Julie wanted to have a proper meal with lot of nutrients since she felt super weak this morning.

Jake gave her a slight nod and started walking to the front door.

“Bring some for yourself as well!” Julie yelled as the boy walked away.


CH 02: Finally somethings to eat

Tom and Dan let out a small laughter after they heard Julie. Even Jake’s lips was curved up into a smile.

“We will arrive at the village soon, hang in there. Miss Julie” Said Jake, still have that smile on his face.

After half an hour walk she finally saw a sigh of human habitation, she couldn’t help but rejoice in her heart.Julie’s feet were in so much pain, the old road they were walking on was rough and bumpy. Plus she needed to keep up with the guys’ pace.

She turned her face toward Jake, well he was the one who caught me and brought her here. He needed to answer her question.

“Where do I stay? And where can I find some food?”

Jake looked at her, his dark eyes looked her up and down then stopped at her feet.

“I think the first thing we need to do is checking your feet, Miss” he said calmly still had that weird smile on his face.

Julie pouted but followed him quietly.

As they waled through the village she saw some villagers, they wore victorian style cloths. Women wore form fitted top with big long skirt making her outfit looked out of place when compared to them. She was the only one who wore knee length skirt.

They arrived at a desolated house after walking for about 15 minute. The house was make of half bricks and half woods, the roof was topped with a combination of hay and wooded pieces.

Jake opened the house door and led Julie inside.

The first thing she saw was a small kitchen and a pile of firewood, there was no washing station or sink which mean the concept of tap water hasn’t been developed yet.

Jake sat her down on a kitchen table, tossed some clean cloths at her.

“Clean your feet and bandage them, or they will get infected.”

Julie looked at the pile of cloths in front of her curiously.Pull out her pocket knife from her pocket and started tearing the cloths into small strips.

“Where do I gat the water and do you have any thing to put on the wound?” Her dark eyes looked at him with a hint of wariness.

“Back yard” he answered briefly.

Hey, was gold going to call out of his mouth if he talked a bit longer?

She cursed him in her heard while making a trip to the “back yard” she had no idea which door lead to back yard so she took the front door and walked around the house.

When she arrived at the back yard, she found a small well. She spent so much energy pull the rope that tied to the well for water, when she walked back in the kitchen with a bucket of water in hands her body was once again drenched in sweat. Jake was no where to be found. She paid him no mind.

Since there is no disinfectant she decided to boil the water and the cloths strips first she hung the cloth strips on the table to dry.

Then she took a bigger piece of cloths and wiped down her face, neck and armpit before taking another trip to get more water.

Once again she began to boil more water.

Julie used the left over water from the first time to soak her feet. She washed and scrubbed them carefully.

Bu the time she finished with all these, Jake came back from the outside with a pair of shoes in his hands.

“For you” he said and put the shoes down then walked out again.

Julie put the shoes issues aside for now since she hadn’t put the bandage on her feet yet.

Checking on the cloths strips, they are still soaking wet, she decided to put them near the fire since the heat would make them dry faster.

Now Julie suddenly remember she had been hungry for half a day already, she disregarded all the manner and started searching through Jake’s kitchen for food.

She found some brown rice, a bit of beef jerky a back of red bean and salt.

Julie sighed in her heart once again, why god if he wants to sent her some where at least sent her to place that had spice!

“Well, finally somethings to eat”

Julie decided to cook a pot of rice with salt making some poor man porridge is easy.

Then she put a pan on the stove with a handful if beans. She roasted the beans until they became fragrant then add a lot of salt.

By this time she checked on the cloths strips again, finally they were dried.

Julie wrapped the cloths around her feet carefully.

After she finished bandaging her feet the porridge was done cooking.

She served herself a bowl of porridge with salted roasted red bean. Just by looking at the dishes evoked some of her childhood memories.

Her grandpa would often cook this dish when she was young. He said he ate it a lot when he was poor. Her family migrated from China to Thailand in her great grand parents’ generation her grandpa and his siblings grew up very poor some days they only had beans and rice some days instead of salted beans they used salted rocks and they would suck on the rock in their mouth before drinking the porridge.

While she was enjoying her meal Jake opened the door and walked in.

He sat down on the table and looked at her then he looked at the food. His eyes gleaming with curiosity.

“You want some?” She asked.

The guy in front of her nodded his head after a short moment of hesitation.

“I will go get the porridge” Julie moved her body, still felt a slight pain in her feet she limped her way to the stove get another bowl of porridge for him.

“Try it, don’t have your hope up. It’s just a salted bean.” She put the porridge bowl in front of him and went back to her seat.

Jake took a sip of the porridge followed by one spoonful of beans then he choked by how salty it was.

“One bean at a time, they are salty”Julie give him a sharp glare.

Jake drank another sip of porridge then one bean as she instructed, he didn’t choke this time.

He found the rich flavor and aroma from the bean compliment the saltiness quite well, after eating the bean one would want to take another sip of the porridge.

The two of them quietly ate their own food.

After they finished the food Jake too the initiative to wash the dished.

When they were both back at the kitchen table, it was already night time.

“So Mister, if you don’t mind. Let me ask you a few questions” Julie opened the conversation.

“Why did you bring me here ?” She asked the question which had been on her mind ever since they arrived at the house.

“Stay here until you can settle down.” His answer was short as usual.

Jake just sat there, his back reclined on the chair looking at the round face woman in front of him.

She has a black sparkly eyes like night sky, her round body did not seem weak in anyway. She was different from all the fat lords he had seen before, those lords had round face and round belly while she just look bigger than normal women while still maintained her natural curves and shapes.

Her unfamiliar from fitted top and knee length skirt told him she was not from here.

After looking her up and down a few more times.

“You will need a new cloths, stay here tomorrow. I will get something for you on my way from the town”Jake uttered.

Julie gave him a mindful look. Before continuing her interrogation. She had both of her hands on the table, her upper body leaned forward exuding an aggressive aura.

“Mister,I don’t think you have answered my question yet. Why did you bring me to your place? Let me cook your food and why are you so kind to me?”

Jake still had that stern look on his face but he avoid her eyes this time.

“Jake” Julie pressed on, she stood up and walked closer to him. This time Jake got scared.

“Alright, you kinda remind me of my mom!”

CH 01 : For now, I intent to find some food.

The summer weather was hot and stuffy, despite lying under the shadow of the trees Julie’s still soaked with sweat. She felt slight pain all over her body as she slowly regained her consciousness.

It was a peaceful sleep she hadn’t had for the longest time in her life – Julie thought to herself as she struggled to push her self off of the ground.

Wait, where was she ? Didn’t she got hit my a truck at the cross road? Shouldn’t she be in a hospital right now?

Her dark eyes  looked around alarmingly, trying to get as much information as she could based on what was before her eyes.

The scene looked like she was in an outskirt of the forest the big unfamiliar tree told her this place was not in Bangkok, to be honest it might even not in Thailand at all.

She took a quick look at her self, she was still in her work cloths. The black knee length skirt and black shirt were intact, her shoes were still on her feet. Thanks god, she wasn’t hurt anywhere.

Since her surrounding couldn’t give her any actual info Julie decided to move forward. She heard the sound of water moving not far away so she followed the sound. Based on what her grand father told her when she was young if you get lost in the forest just follow the river. It’s human nature to live near water source.

As she moved forward in the forest Julie decided to removed her shoes, sure it’s hard to walk in the forest with barefoot especially with her almost 100 Kg. Body weight but she knew it would be worse to walk in heels.

Carried her shoes in her left hand and a random wood stick she found in her right hand, Julie chubby body moved closer to the sound of the moving water.

When she found the water source, it was not a river as she expected instead it was a small waterfall that fell into a small water pond. The sound she heard could be the water stream pounding on the rock below the waterfall. the pond at the bottom was crystal clear with some fish swimming leisurely in the water.

Julie sighed to her fate, She walked this far just to find that its a waterfall and a pond, where should She go from here?

As she calm down from her disappointment, she felt her stomach growling from hunger.

“Whatever, let’s find something to eat first”

Julie quickly found a flat spot near the pond and sit down, she doesn’t have many thing on her body just a pack of cigarettes, a lighter.Her phone must had been lost when she was hit by the truck.

She also found her keychain that served as a pocket knife in her skirt pocket.

Good thing she didn’t quit the habit of smoking if not she would have no idea how to start a fire.

She look into the pond and found there was a lot of fish in it. Her brain started to turn, thinking of ways to catch the fish and cook them.

After a moment of planing she decided to use her skirt to catch some fish, as she about to take her skirt off she suddenly heard a sound coming her way.

It was a walking sound, a group three people was approaching the pond in the opposite direction.

Julie instinctively hid behind one of the big tree.

She listened to their conversation attentively.

“Let’s wash the blood of these games and head back to our village quickly, Dan,tomorrow you go to the town with me to sell them” someone said, he sound like a leader of the three.

“Mmm” the guy called Dan answered nonchalantly. They spoke in English, Julie  felt a sense of relief, at least she can communicate.

Julie was deep in thought after listened to their conversation, first it sounded like they are hunters but it was 2022, who would still choose hunter as their occupation?

She couldn’t help but peeked out to see them, their looks was unfamiliar to her the. All of them seem to be around 170-175 centimeters tall, 2 have blond hair and one of them have dark brown hair.

One of them caught sight of Julie.

“Hey, there’s someone other there”It was the tallest guy in the group, he had dark brown hair and looked about 170 centimeters tall. He dressed in western style, long black pants with loose top there were gloves on his hands and a big hunting bow on his back with some ropes and small knife hanging on his belt.

As soon as the words left his mouth he sprinted in Julie’s direction.

She tried to run away but there was no possibility of escaping with her chubby body.

After Julie took a few steps back  he arrived in front of her his arm made a loop over her neck locked her in vulnerable position.

“Who are you?” The man asked.

Hearing the question, all the gears in Julie little head turned as she tried her best to come up with an answer.

“I .. I… I got lost” she answered, her voice was hoarse and her body trembling. She noticed that her accent and his were different, Oh no! He must notice that I am not from around here.

The man did’t answer, he took a rope from his belt and  tied hand together.

He had the end of the rope in his hand as he led her to his group.

‘So after I woke up in an unknown place, bow I am being treated like a stray dog?’

Julie couldn’t help but cursed her fate once again.

The tall figure leading a short but plump figure away was quite a sight to be hold.

His friends who was waiting for him couldn’t help but called out with laughter.

“Jake, Did you catch a person or a wild boar? Haha why is she so round ?” The taller blond guy asked.

“Also her skin is quite dark, could she be one of the slave from the south?”the shorter blond guy chimed in.

“Let’s go home first. We can ask her later” Jake answer calmly.

The three guys immediately separated to do their work, Julie used this opportunity to observe them. They seem to be in their teenager years.  Jake had dark hair with brown eyes, his eyes brows tilted upward at the end making him look quite angry and domineering. He some how reminded her of her little brother.

Growing up she was quite a loner, she love to read and didn’t talk much. Many people found her off putting at first but ad time went on those same people would realize how delicate she really was. She had her guard up but for anyone she allowed inside her heart, she treasure them.

Her little brother was one of those she let in, he was 9 years younger than her. when she first learnt how to cook he suffered the most. He did not like eating sweet things but seeing how happy she was while baking those cakes and cookies, he ate them.

Julie mind drifted away as she reminisced memories of her younger years,

Soon the two blond guys finished cleaning up their hunting products quickly then the three of them together with Julie started moving again.

While on the road the three talked about the world situation and many miscellaneous things.

Julie gathered from them that she was now in a place called Rein Kingdom, which happened to be in the center of this continent, this place has the technology of the old days no telephone, no car and people still traveled by horse carriage.

With this information she had confirmed the fact that she had transmigrated into a different world in different timeline.

Perplexed but still full of hope, Julie followed them quietly.

“Hey girly, what’s your name and where did you come from?” The taller blond asked.

“Julie, I cam from far away” she cut the answer short, scared they might find out that she did not belong to this world.

“How far?” He still continued to ask, the other two of the men also stopped talking, all of them looked at her with curiosity in their eyes.

“I don’t know, I was unconscious when I arrived here by the time I woke up I was all alone” Julie said with a sad face, thinking back of how worried she was when she first woke up and couldn’t help but frowned.

“Poor things, you must have been one of the girls those slave trader lured from the south, once they figured that you don fit the beauty standard and can’t make a money from selling you they decided to leave you behind” the shorter blond guy said.

“Tom” Jake said, his brown eyes glared and signaled that he talked too much.

So the short blond was called Tom, the brown head is Jake, the taller blond must be Dan.

“Do you have any plan about what to do next?” Out of the blue Jake asked Julie this question. Unfortunately in this moment Julie’s stomach which had been torment by hunger from earlier growled once again. Julie’s face flushed red with embarrassment.

“For now, I intent to find some food.” she answered bluntly.

Ch 00 : The legendary office lady

Story : Let’s eat first,we can talk about it later.

Author: Winter plum blossom

Ch 00 The legendary office lady

“Do you know there is this one legendary lady in the accounting department?”

This topic had become one of the joke senior employees told their new joiners in this company for quite some times now.

“who is that ? Is she pretty ? Is she very good at her job?”

Most of the time the junior would ask their senior

“Not really a beauty but she works like she has no personal life what so ever. Plus she is quite a character”

The senior answered, oblivious to the fact that the person in question was walking behind then. Her chubby body was covered in black long sleeves shirt, black skirt that cover her knees and a moderated 2 inches high heels. The all black cloths she often choosed to wear coupled with her shoulders length curly black hair that obviously lack maintenance should have given her a mystery and hard to approach aura, however once people saw her round face, big dewy eyes and chubby cheeks all the affects of black color were offset by her warm and welcoming smile.

Julie sighed silently, she had got used to this. She also knew the amount of time she spent in the office was not healthy but she didn’t excel in other aspects in life, her only hobby was cooking. Work was the only thing that kept her life going.

Today she planed to work a bit more to finish all the extra works as usual.

Julie dragged her chubby body around the corner  back to her desk then started working once again.

The afternoon and evening both passed by uneventfully as her usual work day, And before she knew it already 5 a.m. the plum body was still busy in front of her computer when the security officers showed up for their morning checking round.

It was the sign that she should go home, get some rest and enjoy her weekend.

While walking to the nearest train station her mind couldn’t stop formulating new recipes, her eyes focused on her smartphone, reading the newly launched food review articles, her hands were itchy to try all the new dished she had been reading about on the internet.

Who would have thought Bangkok traffic would be her mortal enemy, while walking across a small crossroad she felt something crashed into her followed by an excruciating pain slowly crawling from her torso.

Julie felt her consciousness fading away as the test of blood in her mouth become very clear.

LOLB – 1 Beginning of my life (1)

CH1 the beginning of my life.

My body’s trembling. I felt cold. I felt someone licking my back and my shoulders. I tried to open my eyes only to see the pitch-black air and nothingness. Oh…that was the first time I see the world. But after my eyes got used to it, I saw the grass and trees surrounded my body. Oh…what   a wonderful color.

Somebody’s breath touched my back so I tilted   my  head backward to see what it is. Oh… there was a huge beast behind me. It looked at me and started to lick my body again.

“Moo Moo, Mother’s so happy. Finally, my baby has awakened.  You’ve opened your eyes.  mama is so happy. Rest a bit mama will lick you until dry  after that you can stand on your legs”

My mother’s voice was soft and sweet her gaze at me was so tender and full of love. Mama made me feel safe. Her breath’s warming up my cold body. When she licked me, I felt relax and comfortable. My neck felt soar so I decided to lie down on the grass ground once again.

My mother continued to lick my body only after my body completely dried that the coldness had declined.

“How do you feel my beloved child? I had licked you dried. Do you feel better? Are you hungry? if you feel hungry then try to stand up so you can drink my milk.”



Life of the little Bull CH 00

Life of the little bull.

Hey kid, have you ever heard of anything about reincarnation? Sometimes people can   recall events from there last life. What they were in that life, human or animal.  What they’d done, good thing or bad thing. I think I could recall some of my memories from my previous life. Sometimes I think about them till I fall asleep. I was a bull. Follow me and I’ll   tell you all the wonderful things I had experienced as a bull. I’ll tell you about my animal friends and their life.   Oh, there  are  plenty to be told….3-68

Name :  Life of little Bull  /  ชีวิตของฉันลูกกระทิง

Original  Language :  Thai

Author :Boon-song Lekakul /บุญส่ง  เลขะกุล

Status :   1 Volume  /  completed

Plan : 2 Ch  per  week

*Every  chapter  in the original book  are so long so It mitgh take  3-4 chapter in ENG per one in Thai.


CH1 – The beginning of my life (1)


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